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Q&A 1.

Highlands in Iceland is famous for Geothermal waterfalls, lava fields and colorful mountain peaks.


Landmannalaugar is a place in Iceland Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Cover 1.16 lakh acres of area near Laugahraun lava which was developed from a volcano molten lava 541 years back in 1477. Geothermal waterfalls are also known as 'People's Pool'. And Laugahraun lava space to the mountain area is called 'Sulphur Wave'.

Q&A 2.

Arctic Adventures in the highlands of Iceland.

This vast uninhabitable area that spans most of the center of Iceland is a true treasure when it comes to geology, hiking, and experiencing nature at it’s very best. Also place & road famous for hiking at mount Brennisteinsalda is located here.

Q&A 3.

Hillarys Boat Harbour in Australia situated 21 kms from Parth.

Every year 45 lacs tourist come for holiday, Octoberfest is also celebrated here on 28th of Oct.
Water sports, whale watching and 10th biggest under water Aquarium is here.

Q&A 4.

Living Volcano from last 35 years Kilauea is situated in Hawaii.

Kilauea Volcano is one the world's five most dangerous living volcano. Lava is erupting regularly from volcano since 3 Jan, 1983 which is going to Pacific Ocean. This is 1,247 meters tall and 18 meters wide.

Q&A 5.

Philippines 10th largest island in Bohol, where 20 lac people visit every year.


Bohol Island in Philippines is comprising of green mountain hills, which looks like chocolate hence called Chocolate Hills. It is famous for diving, water sports and whale & dolphin watching.

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