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Q&A 1.

When did NASA's mission probe Insight Lander landed over Mars?


NASA Insight Lander reaches Mars on 27th of November 2018, after completing 6 months of journey.

Q&A 2.

Niagara falls get frozen during winter in new year Jan 2019.

Niagara falls situated on America and Canada border is completely got converted into frozen ice due to temperature getting down to -35 degrees centigrade. Nowadays it looks like some Ice Wonderland.

Q&A 3.

NASA's solar probe Parker was launched in August 2018.


NASA's Parker Solar Probe started its 7 years journey to our Sun. This is NASA's ambitious mission in which probe is going to pass through our Sun's atmosphere 24 times.

Q&A 4.

Suez Canal in Egypt was nationalized by government in July 1956.


Suez Canal is an important waterways for business in world today between countries, connecting Asia and Europe. Nationalization of the Suez Canal Company was made by President Jamal Abdul Nasser on 26th July 1956. In 1962 Egypt made its final payments for the canal and took full control of Suez Canal.

Q&A 5.

North Arizona situated "The Wave" sandstone rocks.

"The Wave" is the name given to orange rocks of sandstone in Northern Arizona due to it structure like wave. Every day only 20 gets permit to visit this valley.

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