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Q&A 1.

Copa Del Re Tournament, Barcelona win from Liyonesa, Clement Lenglet made the goal in injury time.

Spanish Football Club Barcelona, win the match from Cultural Liyonesa by 1-0. Barcelona is the previous champion of the tournament and have a record of winning the title maximum 30 times.

Q&A 2.

Del Stein of South Africa make a return in cricket to play World Cup in 2019.

Cricketer Del Stein of 35 years from South Africa, is one of the fastest bowler in the World today. He delivers the ball at the speed of 150 Kms/hr. His dream is to win the World Cup while playing with South Africa team to be held in England next year 2019.

Q&A 3.

Records held by South African Cricket player Del Stein.

He is one of the best performing fast bowler in the World. He got 422 wickets in 88 Test Matches, 116 wickets in 116 One Day's, and 58 wickets in 42 T20 International Matches. Also have the record of getting 5 wickets against all the teams played in the test innings.

Q&A 4.

Which Football player is selected by FIFA for the world's best goal done so far.

Bengamin Poward of France, is selected for the world best goal done. 22 years Bengamin Poward did this goal againt Argentina where France was defeating by 1-2 score. France win this match by 4-3 and also win the World Cup by defeating the Uruguay, Belgium and Croatia. Bengamin Poward became the first European to have this Award.

Q&A 5.

India Women Compound Team achieves number 1 ranking in archery for the first time.

The Indian Women Compound Team comprising Muskan Kirar, Madhumita Kumari and Jyothi Surekha Vennam, got 1st position in the list with 342.6 score. Ranking also got improved as this year Women Team reached World Cup Finals in Asian Games 2018, but lost to Korea in a contest by 228-231 till the final set of arrows winning Silver Medal.

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